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Davven [Head GM]
Davven [Head GM]

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PostSubject: Donations   Donations I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 01, 2009 8:56 pm

Donation system is now Open.

All those who wish to Donate for AdventRO are more then welcome.

Now, the Donation system works like this:
For every 1 Euro you donate, you get a 1 Gold Coin In-Game.
With these Gold Coins, you can buy anything you want.
Houses, MVP Cards, Custom Maps(Which you'll have to wait
for me to make them), Rare Items, Rare Headgears ect.
You can also make a your own Custom item.

If you want to Donate or know more About how much gold coins
you need for certain items contact me on MSN: Davven-Cloud@hotmail.com ,
or PM me here on Forums.

Here's a price-list of Some Useful items that are In-Game:


Elder's Card:
Gives +2 level Warp skill.
- 5 Gold Coins

Vitata Card:
Gives +11 level Heal skill(9999 Heal).
- 8 Gold Coins

Doppel-Ganger Card:
(Boost your ASPD to the MAX. aka 197 Attack speed.)
- 25 Gold Coins

Baphomet Card:
(+10 Cells Spread Attack.)
- 25 Gold Coins

Tao-Gunka Card:
( +75% HP, -25 DEF/MDEF )
- 25 Gold Coins

Golden Thief Bug Card:
( Halves all Magic Damage you take from Monsters/Players )
- 20 Gold Coins

Moonlight Flower Card:
( +85% Movement Speed )
- 10 Gold Coins

Prince of Emo Card:
( +5 on all stats and makes you see hidden/cloaked players/monsters )
- 15 Gold Coins

Any bought house will have a Board(NPC) beside the Door way,
Saying: "Name of your Character's" house.

Small sized House: 10 Gold Coins

Normal sized House: 15 Gold Coins

Large sized house: 20 Gold Coins

Custom Maps:
As for maps, you can't buy a Custom town, not an already existence one.
By Custom maps I meant for like, a Castle, or a House that doesn't exist in aRO.
By this, you'll have the liberty to decide where the castle/house will be implanted.
If you need more info, contact me, Davven [Head GM].

Custom Items:
Yes, you can get Custom Items as well.
For Example: A Sword that gives you +300 Attack, and lvl 5 Cloaking with 3 Slots.
This price to this depends on how much powerful the Custom item is.
With this, you can have it named as you wish as well. If I see that the Custom
items that are WAY TOO powerful to have, I will have to decline your request.

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