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 Chapter Three: The Rage of the Sea

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Chapter Three: The Rage of the Sea Empty
PostSubject: Chapter Three: The Rage of the Sea   Chapter Three: The Rage of the Sea I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 14, 2010 5:15 pm

Chapter Three: The Rage of the Sea
Prologue: The Howl and The Tide

Continuous weather hazards are stirring abnormally around Advent, the sea of Alberta being the beginning of this peculiar weather pattern. Months have passed ever since the wind started howling furiously through the waves of the open sea--gradually becoming more and more chaotic. Eventually, ships were unable to sail across from island to island, sunken shipwrecks are becoming more frequent. The perpetual raging storm stretched far across the oceans, forcing shipments and manual transportation across regions to cease completely where airships were just as much in risk if they were to continue operating. International transports are strictly prohibited at the time being, otherwise forcefully proceeded at the cost of the individual's risk of death accordingly. Trading businesses are experiencing drastic downfall with bankruptcy just around the corner, economical crisis rising all over the land as stocks of rations and goods are running low for certain regions due to the ceased shipments.

Soon, the weather is not only problematic out on the sea, but also over the land. Irregular patterns of hail and snow are occuring in certain regions out of their seasons, as rain and storm are becoming regular forecasts. Inland transports such as motorbikes are also having difficulties to stay functional, villages often have problems with damaged shelters and unfortunate casualties from the harsh hurricanes. Animals are becoming anxious due to the unsettling air; steeds such as PecoPeco and Gryphons are showing irregular behaviors, making them hard to tame down to mount.

However, the worst condition of all was still determined to come from the sea of Alberta. Due to an eathshake that took place from the seabeds of the area, a frequency of strong waves were pushed northwards to Yuan, hitting the outerskirts of Ayothaya and taking down the whole port of the village and causing the loss of 20% of Ayothaya population. While racing against time, Ayothaya is now building a manual barrier against anymore incoming waves, only to hope for its success if nothing else.

The vicious ocean storm approached near Shyden Port recently, and a ship was completely dismantled in a particularly strong waterspout while clearly witnessed by sailors and merchants from the port. No survivors were sighted even after the cyclone whirled away an hour later. On the very same day of the incident, a typhoon approached Alberta head-on and completely destroyed the harbor's main piers with consecutive crashes by each anchored ships by the docks. The crane that Alberta workers relied on to heave crates and cargos broke, causing a couple of casualties. High tide and heavy rain followed after, and a number of the civilians decided to leave Alberta as it is starting to flood...

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Chapter Three: The Rage of the Sea
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