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 Chapter 2: The End of Old World

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Chapter 2: The End of Old World Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 2: The End of Old World   Chapter 2: The End of Old World I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 18, 2010 8:54 am

Chapter Two Part Two

As announced, a group of people gathered in the square of Harmonia as Silven instructed. When the God of Balance descended to the crowd, he informed that the world of Advent is ending, and there are no possible ways to preserve it any longer. It came to a final decision that Silven will transfer everyone to an alternate world of Advent. Those who wished to stay behind remains in the old world and vanish with it, as will the Gods. That announced, they realized that Silven himself will vanish, and that it was the last chance of seeing him now.

After each individual have their last moments to look at their world, Silven asked them to head towards the big sacred tree in Umbala, entering into its depth. There, Silven and the people looked clearly at each other before a portal towards the alternate world is opened, and the crowd stepped through, Silven staying behind and watched them leave to their last.

Upon their arrival in the new world, they're greeted by the God who represents Light in this alternate Advent, Lucerne. As priorly explained by Silven, most of them acknowledged the changes that had taken place...

Just as alternate universes exist, so did the alternate selves of each individuals. The moment they were transferred into the alternate universe, each individuals who arrived had merged with their alternate selves of that respective world. Their occupation stays the same, and as well as their homes. The major difference that existed between the old world and the alternate world includes the three Gods with different identity, as well as the leading authoritative figures of certain places. This alternate world is also behind in its main concerned events compared to the old world... seeing how the latest that seemed to have happened was the liberation of Shyden from the Orc Attacks... with no traces of other threats that had happened in the old world. However, the memory of the events from the old world still exists within each individual, but those who refused to keep their memories were granted erasure of them on their parts.

When Lucerne paused in the middle of his explanation, the group saw a bright star emitting its large light in the sky, and witnessed it only to glow brighter before it faded out gradually into the darkness of the night's black canvas. The majority of the crowd seem to understand that was their old world meeting its end...

Afterwards, each were dismissed and headed off their own directions. It was their last night, and tomorrow their new life to continue.
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Chapter 2: The End of Old World
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